What’s in It for You?

Sept. 22, 23, & 24 2023

Kent Church of Christ

11010 SE Kent-Kangley Road
Kent, WA 98030

Are you curious about the gospel of Jesus Christ but don’t know where to begin (or are too embarrassed to ask)? We offer a series of lessons that lays it all out for you. We will not pressure you to commit to anything, join a church, or give any money. We just want you to come and listen to capable speakers offer a grand message of hope, redemption, and newness of life. Come and hear it for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! What you do with that message is entirely up to you.

Why Are You Here? (Video)

Chad Sychtysz

Why Are You Here? (Video)
What’s in It for You? (Video)
What Went into It for You? (Video)
What Is Your Problem? (Video)
What Is Your Solution? (Video)
The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Video)
The Power of Saving Grace (Video)
Jack Hafer

Jack Hafer

Jack Hafer has been a fulltime preacher for over 35 years in Idaho, California, and Oregon. His love for the lost has also taken him on mission trips in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Chile, and the Philippines. He has three adult children, and his son-in-law is also a fulltime preacher. He resides in Salem, OR, with his wife, Ann.

Sam Bray

Sam Bray has been preaching full-time for five years. A Washington native, he is now working with Pleasant Valley church of Christ in Wichita, KS. Sam and his wife, Natalie, have been married four years, and have a daughter, Layla.


Steve Findley

Steve Findley has been a fulltime minister for ten years and now preaches at the Coeur d’Alene, ID church of Christ. Before becoming a preacher, worked in underground utility construction for nearly twenty years, and owned and operated his own business for ten of those years. He is married to Melanie and has three children.

Chad Sychtysz

Chad Sychtysz has been a fulltime minister for nearly 30 years in Alaska and Washington, has a Bachelor’s degree in history, and has written several books on biblical studies (booksbychad.com). He is married to Honey (yes, that’s her real name!), has two adult children, and is now a proud grandfather.