Walking Upright in an Upside-down World

With Guest Speaker

Matthew Allen


April 21-22-23 2023


Kent Church of Christ

11010 SE Kent-Kangley Road
Kent, WA 98030

We are witnessing the world losing its mind. Opinions masquerade as “truth”; feelings are valued over facts; every person does what seems right in his own eyes. Many churchgoers are better versed in the world’s narrative than in God’s revealed word.

Genuine Christians will walk upright even in a morally upside-down world. But how is this done? And what will this require of us? If this subject interests you (and we hope it does), come join our meeting with Matthew Allen on April 21-22-23.

Our Mission In An Upside-Down World

Matthew Allen

Our Mission In An Upside-Down World
Abstain From Sexual Immorality
Cutting Out The Secret Sin From Our Lives
Engaging Modern Culture
How To Build An Enduring Marriage
How To Share Your Hope

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen lives in Waynesville, Ohio and has served as the pulpit minister for Cornerstone Church of Christ in Centerville (Dayton), Ohio since 2010 and has been preaching since 1995. Matt and his wife, Becky, have two grown children. Emilea is a pediatric physical therapist at a clinic in St. Marys, GA. Zackary is a sales professional for Cort Furniture in Smyrna, TN.

Originally from southwest Arkansas, Matthew is now proud to call Ohio home. In a preaching career approaching 30 years, Matthew has done local work with churches in Kentucky, South Dakota, Indiana, and Ohio. Over the previous two decades he has written several books and workbooks for Spiritbuilding Publishers. His writing has also appeared in several brotherhood journals and magazines. Besides Matthew’s local and domestic ministerial work, he has been blessed to do mission work in Ukraine, Canada, Belize, and Colombia. He has also directed several men’s retreats around the country. Matthew is the owner of Spiritbuilding Publishers and is the lead host of Your Pathway Home, a live, interactive, worldwide webcast by Cornerstone Church of Christ.